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We have the solution with wired Cat 5 home networking in Swindon.

Swindon Aerials are experts in home networking and cat 5 broadband sharing installations as well as maintaining existing home networking systems in the Wiltshire area. Our local engineers know Swindon and surrounding areas extremely well and understand fully the problems incurred in the type of houses around the area and how thick walls from old buildings block wireless broadband signals.

Super fast hard wired home networks are brilliant if you want to stream home movies, online gaming, or connect to your remote office. They are also a securer way to transmit data as opposed to WiFi. We offer 100MB CAT 5 connections and Gigabit Cat 6 speeds.

We install Cat 5 & Cat 6 hard wired computer cabling into homes and offices. Why not chat to our network specialist who will draw up plans for a perfect network to suit your individual requirements. Some simple home networks may not require any cabling at all, so it’s always good to discuss with us your requirements.

Good WiFi installed in your home or place of work helps everything connect to the Internet. If you live or work in a busy place with lots of people coming and going, they all like to jump onto your network, so it’s good to have this system working with lightning speed and flawless reception. We help you get this right and so everyone is happy.

Swindon Aerials can setup your home broadband to use very fast, secure and reliable WiFi signals. We install strong signals that go through the thickest of walls. This leaves you with the ability to attach all sorts of devices simultaneously such as wireless printers, iPads and Laptop computers.


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